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GJ Properties Delivering Quality Projects On Time

Over the last 10 years, GJ Properties Investments L.L.C. has delivered 15 high-quality real estate projects in Ajman and the Northern Emirates. Our priority is to create living spaces that offer an exceptional quality of life to our customers. It’s made us one of the premier luxury real estate developers in the UAE.

Our projects are designed and built to industry-leading standards. We work with the best of partners, from architects and interior designers to all the specialist contractors that are involved in the construction of large projects.

Delivering exceptional
customer value

Our projects are distinguished by four factors that maximize value for our customers.

LOCATION: All our projects are superbly located, in vibrant and family-friendly communities of today and tomorrow.

DESIGN & ARCHITECTURE: Human-centric design and architecture help us create living spaces that promote well-being and happiness.

BUILD QUALITY: Material craftsmanship, technology, people… a lot goes into converting a good design into a superb building.

RESPONSIVE MAINTENANCE: A home is a long-term investment. That’s why it needs high-quality and responsive maintenance services.


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Embracing the individuals, families and communities we touch.

We spend most of our lives in man-made spaces. Homes, offices, shopping malls, entertainment areas… these are all man-made and their design has a profound impact on our moods.

Human-centric design puts the needs of people at the heart of the design process. Important concepts in this approach to design are empathy and innovation. Insightful research is required to understand what people really need, and the outcome of the design process is measured by the value that’s added to the lives of customers.

Human-centric design guides and shapes our projects. It’s what makes a living space special, and it’s why our buildings are preferred by discerning customers.

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