Durability in construction

Durability in construction is perhaps the single most important factor from a buyer’s perspective and from the environment impact perspective. The longer a building lasts, the lower its impact on the environment.

For most people, a home is a once-in-a-lifetime purchase, and they expect it to last that long. But how does one assess the durability of a home? The design of the building, the materials used in construction, the attention to quality, the ongoing maintenance… all these factors have an important bearing on the durability of construction.

Build To Last

What is the best way of checking for durability? Look at all the projects done by the developer, particularly the older constructions. See how well they have withstood the impact of extreme weather, and how well they are maintained.

At GJ Properties, our buildings are built to last. Take a look at our projects and you can literally see the difference.

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